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Cold Forming is a high-speed, progressive die, metal forming process used to make special fasteners, tools, shafts and many other unique components. The process can often achieve significant cost savings in raw material that are the result of shaping instead of machining. Cold forming processes produce a high quality surface finish and close repetitive tolerances at high speed. With proper engineering and design, the cold forming process can eliminate the cost of secondary operations. Cold forming can also produce intricate contours and shapes that cannot be manufactured with other manufacturing processess.

Advantages of the Cold Forming Process
The cold forming process enables material cost savings up to 70% by avoiding the production of scrap from the machining process.
Product performance is improved over other manufacturing processes as the cold forming process rearranges the grain structure to follow the part configuration.
Production costs are reduced by the high speed manufacturing process. Speeds range from 50 pieces per minute to 400 pieces per minute on the cold heading process.
Surface finish is improved versus machined surfaces.
Critical and close tolerances can be held versus more expensive machining processes and more important, these tolerances are maintained consistently throughout the production process.
A design flexibility is provided whereby more intricate contours and shapes can be derived that would require many different and cost prohibitive machining or secondary processes.

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