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Military and Aerospace

Military and Aerospace
Fastener Solutions

Supporting the Defense Sector with Secure and Durable Solutions

NEF has been a trusted supplier to the Aerospace and Defense industry for nearly 30 years. Our aerospace and defense segment specializes in the support of both the production and after-market service solutions of land system vehicles, radar and communication systems, marine subsystems, aircraft and land system engines, single prop planes, and both commercial and military aircraft. From technical product support to regulatory compliance management programs, our inventory solutions provide our customers with tailored programs that drive efficiency and increase profitability. NEF also complies with the strict quality standards and regulations of the aerospace and defense industry.

Key Products:

NEF supports companies in the aerospace, defense, marine, and space industries with industry standard and special build-to-print fasteners, electrical, hydraulics, fabricated parts, and miscellaneous C-class components. Our product portfolio has been carefully selected to meet the wide range of customer requirements, including compliance to both ITAR and DFARS defense compliance regulations, as well as meeting international standards and customer-specific specifications.

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