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Consumer and Industrial
Fastener Solutions

A Trusted Partner for Consumer and Industrial Markets

As a leading global provider of Consumer and Industrial “C” parts NEF understands the unique needs of our customers. NEF supplies fasteners for household appliances, furniture, electronics, and other consumer goods. NEF's fasteners are designed to ensure durability, reliability, and safety for the end-users. We also offer custom solutions for special applications and requirements.

Key Products:

National Engineered Fasteners supports companies in the consumer and industrial industries with industry standard and special build-to-print fasteners, electrical, fittings, fabricated parts, and miscellaneous C-class components.

NEF works extensively with our customers on new product introduction projects to get their part products from design to the production line.  We offer engineering expertise and experience in choosing the correct coating and plating, fasteners critical features and technical specifications to meet our customers application and reliability needs.

NEF also offers best in class services to our customers such as kitting and plating.

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