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Fastener Solutions

Driving Innovation and Quality in Transportation

National Engineered Fasteners has been a trusted and leading supplier to the transportation and automotive industries since its inceptions nearly 30 years ago. We have grown our portfolio to support key suppliers to OEM’s and the OEM’s alike. NEF supplies fasteners for automotive, rail, marine, heavy equipment, and aviation vehicles. NEF's fasteners are optimized to improve performance, efficiency, and safety of the vehicles. NEF also offers lightweight and low-friction fasteners for fuel economy and environmental benefits.

Key Products:

NEF offers a wide range of fasteners and components, such as screws, nuts, bolts, washers, pins, clips, springs, spacers, standoffs, rivets, inserts, gaskets and more. NEF also provides custom solutions for specific applications and designs.

In addition to our wide product offering, NEF works closely with our customers to ensure that the products are working as intended on the specific applications. NEF has engineering and design capabilities as well as extensive knowledge and experience within the transportation/fastener industry.

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